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needed as far as the president goes. he will return to washington later today. >> reporting live from chicago i'm renee marsh back to you. >> mitt romney took to the stage late last night to concede that rise. he spoke briefly in a speech very different from the 1 hours earlier. more on the former massachusetts governor last words. >> in the early hours of election day he said he called president obama and the race was over. >> if i so wish that i have been a will to fulfill your hopes and leaving the country in a different direction. the nation shows another leader. so and and i join with you too earnestly pray for him and for this great nation. >> the move was a stark contrast to his announcement in june 2011. >> i believe in america and i'm running for president of the nine states. >> and to the crowd to welcome him on a last minute a election day trip to the critical state of ohio and pennsylvania. >> thank you for your work. you guys are families. thank you so much. >> neither state went rummies way making it impossible for him to pick up the two month 70 elect four votes needed
-three starts since 1978. college football tell host in washington. and washington's bishop sakey scores on the first yard touchdown run a. 21-13 washington. four minutes left in the game zack maynard is tackled. they twisted tackle release on top of them. last chance for come to tie it up with a touchdown a two-point conversion. but on a fourth- down backup quarterback allen preferred overthrows is receiver. tedford and the bears are known officially out of bolting contention at 3-7. also, richard seymour find raiders defensive tackle has been fight again. for the hits on chiefs quarterback matt cassel in the raiders win over the chiefs sunday. seymour was fined $15,750 for the " unnecessary late hit ". the chiefs called the raiders a dirty teens. seymour has been fined before, most ladies thnoticeablr the late hit on the steelers' quarterback ben rothenberger's, last year. >> the new york city marathon cancelled. also, the hockey at ann arbor stadium... causing more headaches for hockey fans. with no game schedule in january. >> you were talking about the oakland raiders tickets those
, the president and his family boarded air force one in chicago headed back to washington. he reached out to key congressional leaders from both parties after the reelection. talking about the agenda for the rest of the year if the hard part of winning includes facing serious economic problems. and while it may have appeared to be a nail biting evening leading to this celebration of, insiders have reportedly been very confident for the last couple of weeks. if when the confetti clears, the president knows he has huge challenges ahead. >> we want you to succeed. let us try to find the common ground. there but least for today the opposition was saying nice things. >>catherine: as for mitt romney and a tweed it this picture of him in his boston hotel room this morning to run the wife family murders and a gallon of chocolate milk. after a gracious concession speech from his political future remains uncertain his running mate palm mayapaul ryan-retains his old job in congress. >> the president first of all did a very, very effective ground campaign. and i think the country that is looking at a differ
in washington and colorado. >> more evidence of an increasingly liberal elect toreet, same sex har rim is approved -- same-sex marriage is approved. >> i didn't run to make history. i ran to make a difference. >> on the other side, republican appeals to traditional values fell flat in indiana and missouri. even red state voters rejected senate candidates for their extreme antiabortion views. back in washington, house republican leader bay nerd acknowledged that the political wins may be shifting. >> if there's a mandate in yesterday's results, it's a mandate for us to find a way to work together for the lieutions that we all face as a nation. >> coming up tonight, could we be adding another star to the american flag. the little known outcome from yesterday's election. plus, coming up late in the broadcast, one of the nba's finest young players, irving. and also have fun with the 49ers. with over 200 varieties, keurig makes brewing a delicious cup of coffee simple. how does it brew such great coffee? well... inside the brewer are these green fields of coffee, and if you travel up this m
and washington. if any of the measures are successful for gays and lesbians couples it will be the first time it is legalized by a popular vote. maine could be the first. those in minnesota will vote on whether or not to ban guam gay marriage but allow civil unions. tuesday's election will be the first time voters dialed in. >> that was jr stone. six states and washington, d.c. legalized same-sex marriage. and a reminder, kron 4 news will have live coverage on election night, starts at 8:00 p.m. tuesday night and stay updated on as well as our facebook and twitter feeds. >>> it was an unusually warm day today. temperatures record breaking. 79 degrees at sfo. same in oakland, san jose, and santa rosa. 84 degrees. which was higher than the previous records. it was warm today and we have another warm day tomorrow. clear skies over night. fog is responsible near the coast line. sunny and warm tomorrow but changes later this week. what you can expect coming up. >>> new tonight at 11:00 three women arrested in the death of a child at a child care facility on october 23. police received
, gathering material for her for herall in" on the afghanistan four- star general. the washington post had first reported the details about the petraeus. petraeus had authorized former aides and friends to tell reporters he personally and never gave her a classified information. government resources say that cn and had materials such as power point presentation and schedules. however, while braodewell would have gotten her research material from a lot of sources, be careful about jumping to conclusions. >> to say that, the implication of the fbi is looking at something makes it sound like they are the subject of a criminal >> and right now, the part it is still in the " let's determine how this information was provided to keep it and under what circumstances ". >> even if the permission the appeal removed from her home was not at risk for national-security she gave whomever keep it to her will have plenty to answer for. >> a vallejo family is not going to give up their search for the suspect who hit and killed their great- grandmother. 88 year-old cl emintina funes was hit by a car while w
hercules schoolteacher say a 24 year- old darnell washington and his wife killed 55 year-old susie koe. on the course of a crime spree last month. there were arrested in washington state after they were spotted driving the victim's car. his chart with murder, carjacking. he could be eligible for the death penalty. he is scheduled to enter a plea next week. his wife is waiting to be extradited from washington state. >> and kidnapping happened at 730 in the evening of the victim was leaving her job in walnut creek two men apparently attacked. the storm was walking to her car in remote parking lot. >> they accosted her. vorster into our own vehicle. put a blindfold on her and untied her feet and hands. they drove around for what we think is several hours. attempted to obtain money from her bank accounts. >> police believe the suspect stock at eight different atm machines before letting the woman go in oakland hills. she was found by someone in the area will call 911. she was treated for minor injuries and released from a hospital. >> student at uc-berkeley are demanding more than just the
30. >> in washington and colorado than stashed they legalized marijuana for recreational use. this drug would be subject to state regulations and taxes. legal experts stated that this will lead to a supreme court battle with the federal government. it may have a similar issue. >> last check wall street on this day after election. >> the index of the future has been higher but they reversed. the european union slashed its workers. and the european stocks went down blower. >> will take day quick break. it is foggy on the bridge and it is like this on the a lot of the area. =8 you disgust me. prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out. we have a live look from the scene. kron forced jackie sissel. you are looking at some of the emergency vehicles they're trying to get traffic squeeze into one line. you are looking at the eastbound side of highway 24 right at the over in the crossroads. a trailer from a big rig was struck by several vehicles. the big backup is in the west bound direction the current drive ti
" on the afghanistan four-star general. the washington post had first reported the details about the petraeus. petraeus had authorized would have gotten her>> to say that, the implication of the fbi is looking at something makes it sound like they are the determine how this circumstances ". the appeal removed from her national-security she gave whomever keep it to her will have plenty to answer for. you >> terrace explosion was in the massachusetts to -- and at this free district buildings. thankfully, no one was killed. >> these people were rescued after this luxury lot yacht- caught fire it was partially submerged in a salvage company. this was in miami. >> police and oregon think that alcohol could have been to blame for this highway mess they say that the driver tried to get back onto the highway. after some how he missed the on ramp in the driver was taken to hospital for treatment is injuries are not considered during the life threatening. the state highway are looking for damage to make sure that it is safe for other drivers. >> there was a fire at the state department in washington d.c.. for du
.com stay with us for the up to the minute in tone in washington today -- as the fiscal cliff looms. kron4's political analyst michael yaki is here to talk about it all -- however, only 34 days until the united states faces the our political analyst, michael yaki is on set tobut first let's go to vicki? >> politicians in washington are trying to reach a compromise before the january first deadline. if no deal is reached -- tax increases and effect. president obama says the people need to be part of the fiscal cliff debate. and today, he's taking his message on the road. >> i believe that both parties can agree on a framework that does that in the coming weeks. in fact, my hope is to get this done before christmas. >> but republican lawmakers, question the president's decision to leave washington. >> in other words rather than sitting down with lawmakers of both parties and working out an agreement he is back on the campaign trail presumably with the same old talking points that we are all quite familiar with. >> mister obama assured the public he is doing his part.
. the stormy weather and cold weather is bottled up from alaska's washington, slowly going to make its way towards us. midweek, cooler temperatures and the chance for rain fall of later but in the meantime gorgeous. sunday, sunshine, mid upper 70's with low 80s for the south bay. the east bay valleys, 70's and mid-70s by the bay. and low 70's and even some 80s popping up into the north bay. your kron 4 7 day around the bay low 80s inland and possibly record high temperatures. sharply cooler on wednesday and thursday that is when the storm system will the clouds and rain that could stick around until friday. >> this pilot turned hero just how glory can turn to controversy and a kung fu treasurer hot and in an animated film " no showing ". >> " flight " denzel washington is credited and saving passengers but this turns to skepticism when they see troubling details. >> you have alcohol in your system that could be likened present. that is rated r. the russell crowe is back on the big screen with his latest picture the man with the iron fist. jackknife is the character. the quest for gold quic
courtroom today. 24-year-old darnell washington and his wife, tanya, killed 55-year-old suzie koh. it all happened during a crime spree last month. they were arrested days later after they were spotted driving her car. they are facing nine felony counts. >>> fran is preparing to become -- san francisco is preparing to become the first u.s. city to provide and cover the cost for sex-realignment surgery for insured transgender residents. it would create a program to treat transgender people who are experiencing gender identity issues. officials say the new transgender health initiative will be in effect later next year. >>> new tonight at 11:00, firefighters control a major house fire in san francisco's monterey heights neighborhood. the call came in about 6:30 this evening. they found a home engulfed in flames. hoses had to be relayed from hydrants as far as 3 blocks away! the cause will take some time to determine. but a lot of construction materials were near the home when the crews arrived. there were no injuries reported. >>> at 11:00, seven members of the secretive navy seal team 6 i
it and three other states could drastically change after the election. colorado, washington and oregon all have measures to legalize it for recreational use. it could be the first time ever that it has been approved for recreational use. that is against federal law that could be a response out of washington. something that we've seen all these medical marijuana dispensaries in california. there are three other states, massachusetts, arkansas, montana are already allowing those for medical marijuana and 17 other seats. and washington, call lebron o in massachusetts those are most likely to pass. arkansas or an organ is most likely to fail. the porsche for recreation was " put on the ballot later defended it would be the first state in the southern sections to allow medical marijuana. when we talk about medical marijuana keep that-porsch pu sh//or medical marijuana it would have a very small amount. they've been trying this forcibly years. >> realistically how many states how likely are those going to pass? >> many people are going to say that it is likely to weapon in these states but look back
warren's victory as well as a successful efforts to legalize marijuana in washington state and colorado. >>pam: - >> i think is most upon all i did not support the initiative but you argue with the will of the voters. we are here in a democracy and the sentiment was pretty clear. >>pam: more evidence of an increasing liberally collect toward after dozens of defeasible same-sex marriages approved in the state of maine and maryland. so this is exhilarating it's just like beyond exciting. >>pam: the the nation's first openly gay senator elected in wisconsin. >> i didn't run to make history. i ran to make a difference. >> on the other side, republican appeals to tradition of values fell flat in indiana and misery. voters rejected senate candidates for their extreme anti-abortion views. >> if there was a mandate in yesterday's results it is a mandate for us to work together on solutions to the challenges were faced together as a nation. >>jacqueline: we can see the ominous looking skies from the bay bridge toll plaza. today, much cooler into the ring is back in the forecast even the chances
developing news. you are looking at live pictures out of washington d.c. where former cia director david pedtreau will testify before the house. the testimony is regarding the 911 attack in benghazi. it killed ambassador chris stevens. cia officials say they constantly review performance and are not looking for any particular outcome from this investigation. the cia inspector general office will be that investigation the trays will go before the congressional committee-- petreaus. >> we're watching the lettuce with gas prices. $3.92 is the average price. oakland is cheaper. $3.80. in san jose rather gas going for an average of $3.76. all in all continue to fall. the state averages about $3.81. this morning with a quick break the time is 4:07. we have a live look from the bay bridge approach 80 the not look nearly as well as the golden gate bridge did. will have more coming up for you did a little bit. we are back 4:09 is the time. plans for unemployment benefits jumped a little bit. taking a look at futures of-the dow off 46 points in early trading. yesterday the dow lost 28. adjutancy.
on the ballot in several states. voters in maine and maryland and washington state will decide whether to legalize and their state. if it passes in any of those three states it would be the first time same-sex marriage was made legal by popular vote. court orders have made it legal in six states of four. meanwhile minnesota will vote on whether to place a ban on same-sex marriage in its constitution. >> what most people will likely focus on the presidential race six states will have measures on the ballot involving marijuana. is not a medical marijuana. voters in three states will consider measures that would legalize recreational use of marijuana. the proposal in colorado, oregon, in washington allow small amounts to be possessed. the drug will be subject to state regulation and taxes. if the plant texas--passes and any of those states the battle with the legal--the u.s. government is likely. >> the call accounting clerk says there with religion some thousand votes and by melba. 185 have been tallied. he is on the public to be careful with their ballots. any that are received today th
bob melvin. davey johnson of washington the eg winner. they had the best record in baseball. 98-64. the graphics. you'll see bouchee along with dusty baker way behind davey johnson. third in the manager of the year battling. >>> local collegiate hoops. cal going up and down. allen crab had 33 points and 6 rebounds. and in the back court he was joined by justin cobb. they combine for 56 points. 23 of his own. 79-62 cal. elsewhere locally. san jose state loses by 2 to houston. >>> big national game. i still hate lateener. that was 1993 if i'm not mistaken when he hit the miracle shot to beat kentucky. archie good wynn doing his thing there. all freshmen for kentucky. seth curry, look at the move. seth had 23 points. >>> latest on warrior andrew bogut. he'll miss two weeks with his recovering ankle. big doings in new york. you hear this all the time when new york teams are playing well it's better for the entire league. carmelo anthony, you know his wife was just on the b.e.t. awards, lala. i get a kick out of lala. carmelo had 25 points. they immove to 5-0. the knicks last time th
in a fire in washington state. >> that doesn't prove it is not a good choice but it prompts more question about corrosion. >> reporter: they want chevron to explain why they are not using stainless steel with 18% chromium. >> hard to predict how fast corrosion occurs. that is why it is so important to use the safest possible materials in the piping. they have issued chevron a subpoena. they have till december 7 to answer the questions, specifically, about their decision making process, why they chose one type of pipe instead of the other. dan kerman, kron 4 news. >>> so far we have stayed dry out there tonight as we look outside from radar. north bay in the clear from the rain. you can see rain approaching the north by the north. -- north bay to the north. most rain is in northern california but it is expected to sag south into the north bay so your morning commute, spotty showers north of the golden gate bridge. dry south of the golden gate bridge. showers to the north bay in the morning, into the evening another round of rain. we will time it out and look at your thanksgiving forecast c
in the duct work at the u.s. statement department in washington to stay. it started this morning on construction crews. a spokesperson for the d.c. fire department said that it was put out quickly. one person did suffer life- threatening injuries not that many at the state department because of how the weekend. >> when congress returns after their holiday. there will take up the issue of the limit the scope let. and just a few weeks for physical clef issues. with spending cuts. we have the latest on the fiscal cliff. >> after meeting with president obama before the thanksgiving holiday. >> let the bulk of the congressional leadership. >> congressional leaders reached optimism levels of spending cuts and tax increases for next year. >> we have a very constructive president with the president to talk about the economic problems. >> with a cornerstone to work something out. >> they have been working common ground to bring in more tax revenue and reduced spending on programs like medicare but it is not that clear what lawmakers or when there will meet next. even if some progress is m
of already warning people of the game that starts at 6:00 against the university of washington on friday night. that is right at the peak of commute time and everyone is going to be trying to park and they're warning people that they're going to be double parking fines and the fact. if you do not need to drive take mass transit. that is what they're asking people to do. there will be all kinds of free shuttles. here is a list of shuttles you can take from around the berkeley area. the downtown bus station the berkeley marina the amtrak marina and even golden gate fields. there be a thousand parking spots available on a first- come first-served basis. there warning people that this traffic is probably gone to start sometime around 3:00. people start pouring into the stadium around the area and that coincides with friday commute times around the stadium. there warning people there of the long delays, be patient. once again full parking enforcement will be in effect and there'll be a double fein's own. signs start at $72. --fines. it's friday night in their plan university of washington. it
for the month of november. >> this person is here from washington d.c.. he is almost thinking about relocating. >> this is another perfect day for a hole in one. >> the clairemont golfers found more than perfect. >> for the middle of june not to bad but it is november, november draft. this is gorgeous i hope that it is like this for another couple of days. or even couple of weeks. >> to get out the vote. >> so pleasant, people are out, happy and a good mood. >> samples weather on college ave. many bare legs, samples weather, and also many people were having their afternoon coffee with sandals. am i wish i would have worn shorts. [laughter] it is warmer than i and anticipate it. who thought that november. do not think about your warmer weather clothing any time shooting these are expected to continue for the next couple of days. >> it has been nice. maureen kelly, kron 4. >> brien? >> not only a run but it is going to get even warmer for tomorrow. and we could see record highs for the bay area. '70s, '80s. the warmest was santa rosa. livermore, 70's, san jose, nearly 80 degrees. these temperatu
in washington and colorado passed ballots to legalize marijuana for recreational use. this drug will be subject to state regulation and taxes. this can lead to a supreme court battle with the federal government carry it oregon has something similar but this went down in defeat. >> let's take a listen in reaction to republican mitt romney. >> i wish all of them well. the his borders. this is a great challenge for america and i do pray that the president will be successful in guiding our nation. [ female announcer ] welcome one and all to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway will have everyone raving. there's fresh, natural, frozen, whatever you're craving. spend 25 and get a frozen safeway turkey for 59 cents a pound. or get another of the best deals around. a frozen butterball, 99 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair...grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. >> it is now 6:14 a.m. >> the forecast is changing on us today and gone are the mid '80s. to >> say
schoolteacher susie koe is set to enter a plea to the charges. darnell washington and tonya washington are charged with the woman's death. she was found in a room with several stab wounds after she failed to pick upper house and from the airport last month. they are also charged with a crime spree in southern california. we will have new rest to report in the end of his attack resulted in the unit was being forged. we have the video we have been showing you for a while. a bystander took the photograph. several people setting the bus on fire and smashing out windows. the damage has been estimated at close to $1 million. police announced a second place in the case and are looking for several of the suspects. an elderly disabled man was struck and killed in a hit- and-run accident in sonoma county. 93 year old man was crossing studly street at fifth street west of a wheelchair. it was an electric scooter when he was struck shortly before 4:00 p.m.. witnesses said they saw apt cruiser struck the man and drive away. he was taken to a local hospital where he died. authorities later found the
, chris stevens. that was on september 11th and benghazi. the latest in washington. >> washington lawmakers wanted answers on how u.s. ambassadors, chris stevens and three other americans were killed on the consulate in benghazi. capitol hill became the home to multiple and >> i have listened to my colleagues talk about the president of the united states. and others in the it ministration using terms as delivered, lies but if you want to know who is it responsible in this town, get yourself a mirror. >> among those testifying cia michael morrell who was going to replace david petraeus. the x cia director will speak to both the house and senator intelligence committees on friday morning. >> more recently, the resignation of general petraeus is open up even more questions and mud is contained in the report has recurred following his visit to benghazi. >> and also, the contentious battle brewing involving. u.s. ambassador susan rice and her role in the administration's response to benghazi. a possible replacement for secretary of state, hillary clinton. >> now president obama has the
and the implementation of massive spending cuts if they do not come to an agreement. they are back in washington after the thanksgiving break. as catherine heenan explains there are some hints of compromise. the most americans understand the fiscal cliff is a scary and a series of living tax hikes. it could damage the economy. president obama has been pressuring congressional leaders to reach a compromise that increases taxes on wealthy americans. a handful of republicans are suggesting they might break their pledge to never vote for higher indicate taxes. >> and for the good of the country only if democrats would do a title that. >> the pledge that we signed 18-20 years ago but the world has changed. >> is music to the ears of the white house but disturbing to this man. the anti-tax crusader that cut republicans to tax no tax- agreement. it >> if you want to go to your voters and say i promised to this and i am breaking the promise you have that conversation. >> if he seems confident so for these numbers are not on his side. 258 members of congress that have signed the pledge with only one half dozen
happened in the closed door meeting in washington today.. >>catherine: susan rice - a white house favorite to replace secretary of state hillary clinton... was not talking to reporters today.. >> the information given to the american people was wrong and ambassador rise also said that it was wrong. >>catherine: offshe had just left a capitol hill meeting with three republican senators -- three of her sharpest critics... they say that when she characterized the september 11th attack on the u-s embassy in benghazi as a protest - rather than a pre-meditated terrorist attack... she was putting pre-election politics before national"the information given to wrong. in fact, amb rice wrong." >>catherine: ofafter the attack - rice did a lot of talking on tv...including the sunday talk shows. she says she was using these unclassified talking points- which had been stripped of references to al qaida.. but reportedly admitted to the senators of classified qaida was behind the attack. if's meeting ()()sot lindsay graham)á)á >> if anything today, justice a you to not know. >>catherine
" denzel washington plays a airline pilot credited for rescuing but comes with the skepticism. when crash investigators seek troubling details. >> you had alcohol in your system that could be life in prison. >> flight is rated " our coach. >> russell crowe is back and his latest picture. russell crowe-is back. " flight " is rated r. ". his character is jackknife. it quickly becomes winner-take-all in the man with the iron fists. and also cough randy it randy.. is an animated for children. he tries to turn his image around from being a bad guy. >> still ahead on kron for thousands of ahead onraley 's. on strike. before that, let us take a live look outside with a beautiful view of mt. tam. your forecast, straight ahead. . >> raley's employees are currently on strike. mike pelton is our sole reporter to bring you and more news, faster. >> this is the nob hill foods store talks broke down between midnight and 2:00 a.m. to 20 federal mediator. between 2:00 a.m.-with a federal mediator you can see that several dozens of employees at this particular location with the nearly 8000 over
, washington. if any of those are successful? it will be the first time that kate marriage is legalized by a popular vote. if-gay marriage--the state of maine could be the first without prior legislation. minnesota could band but allow civil unions. maryland and washington state will both decide weather to uphold a legislative moves that legalize same-sex marriage. tuesday's election before time they have dialed and on this issue since president barack obama provided support just last month. >> curley six states and washington d.c. have legalized gay marriage but it is not hot only hot topic. six states including marijuana use, currently, six states and the district of columbia have legalized a marriage. >>pam: the campaign for both president obama and mitt romney are making their final push before votes in the final 24 hours. michael yaki who do think as the most confidence? >> i do not think that any real confidence right now but i think that what we saw today are two very tired candid it said. trying to boost supporters. candid its. of the preaching to the choir at these rallies at t
was a couple dozen. we had a chance to talk to some travelers read back to philadelphia washington d.c. and the boston area. so far their flights have not been affected but i talked about what may happen. >> philadelphia and i think it is still going on. it is not cancel yet. >> what you heard about the weather back there? >> crazy with and is storm coming back again. >> allow flights were canceled. the one on a supposed to be taking off so i hope that it is and i can get to where i'm going. >> the lot of people are helping just that. the best advice is collier carrier before you come to the airport. make sure your fright is not affected. the three airlines and most effective ad as f o r jet blew delta and american. >> it looks on likely that voters have surpassed with they did in 2008 in terms of turnout. yesterday afternoon the final cowskin man in about nine and half million ballots were cast. that compares to about 10.4 million ballots that were counted in 2008. i am making crescent bacon cheddar pinwheels. wow, i'm impressed! [ ding ] dad, the cable's out! you got that right? [
. the dow jones dropped 100.1 points. investors remained on edge over fears that gridlock in washington will force the economy of the fiscal clif.. those concerns overshadowed positive reports on the weekly initial jobless numbers and a monthly trade balance. >> let us check the numbers with rob black joining us with the winners and losers. >> yes! >> let us start off with amazon with selling wine. >> it is difficult to get with businesses but not with amazon. they have been everything, and i love it. california will be able to order six bottles at $9.99. a great category amazon by something that is unique i trust them with my credit card, transactions, and i know what i am doing. >> it is amazing because initially online sales that was so difficult to convince people of the safety. >> and speaking of sales let us talk about starbucks. today, they are allowing you to pay with your cellphone and it is a company that they have invested in the third >> it is called square they are mobile payments. this woman gets paid instantly. as an example, she cuts my hair, and uses and in dongle with
affairs. all of this comes at a critical time in washington. the closed hearings on the deadly attack in benghazi libya. petrus was forced to testify however someone else would not speak in his place. >> immigration reform could be taking center stage in washington. censors from york and south carolina are said to restart talks. they believe they will be able to get them passed. the bipartisan plan has four key elements there is strong or border security and a tough love pat for citizens wore already in the u.s.. applicants also have to learn english and maintain a job. >> meanwhile the bbc general director has resigned after the net work ran a report wrongly i accusing a director of child abuse. the politician was not named in the broadcast but there are suggestions 0.2 alastair mcalpine. >> more ahead on the kron for morning news with a quick break. at live look outside from our walnut creek camera. we can see the light not really foggy in the east bay. a chilly start to the morning. the time is for:28 we will be right back with more. 4:28 all combat. the time is for:4:30 on this mo
is unknown. total estimated damage is around $100,000. >> talks continue in washington on the so-called fiscal cliff and mix of tax increases and spending cuts take effect next era. martha shane has more. >> we want an agreement to an agreement. republicans and democrats have 48 days to come up with that agreement and avoid having the nation over a fiscal cliff. the president will meet with top american ceos to get their thoughts. on tuesday labor leaders went to the house to discuss a tax increase unless congress compromises. >> the president like we are his committed to preserving the tax breaks for the middle class and making sure rich people pay their fair share. >> if things do not change the tax cuts will expend for middle income americans in january. the estimated house will face a tax increase of $3,500. >> thinking a refund may not be a possibility for some people will use the money to take care of the expenses. that would be tough. >> democrats want higher taxes on the wealthy and keep the current tax rate for the middle class. republicans want to cut government spendin
. if you are talking aboute around this area is also affecting traffic on grant and washington. the lights are out here as well. it is quite a traffic jam with people having to treat this intersection as a four way stop. you have quite a bit of a back up with people trying to get to work and to school. it is right in the middle of the commute hours so it is quite a busy and backed up traffic here at this intersection. >> are they directing traffic? >> there is an officer on the scene making sure that people treat this as a four way stop ferry is a big intersection and you can see it as two lanes in each direction on all four sides. they are directing people just in case. for the most part people seem to be trained like a four way stop with no one knows in their temporary at. --temper yet >> hurricane sandy new york city's subway system is partially rolling again this morning. three days after san because the worst disaster in its history. 56 people and one person in canada have died in the storm. at the death toll is now up to 124 if you count the desk from the caribbean. new jersey to wes
: for today's market update. it was one of the worst weeks over the worry that washington might not act in time to avoid a series of harsh tax increases and spending cuts by the beginning of next year. the dow jones gained a live it more than four points to close at 12,815. the s&p and the nasdaq also posted small gains. >> the samsung galaxy s 3 has dethroned apple's iphone for s. becoming the world's best selling smart foam in the third quarter. they say that 80 million galaxy " as three " phones were shipped worldwide in the third quarter compared to 16.2 million iphone 4. strategy and analytics to say that it's because consumers were before the iphone 5 which went on sale september 21st. the third quarter ended the week after its release. >> the possibly reason of holiday flights is that there are 11 holiday tickets and then it just nine id is easier for families to go further. a dramatic increase. 50 percent more than just one year ago. and the head of a european budget airline is trying to get rid of the option of seat belts. and even seats, altogether. michael o'leary saying that
the award. clayton kershaw, the dodgers second. washington gio gonzalez finished third. and price of tampa bay won the american league cy young award. david price winning the al cy. >>> all signs point toward alex smith starting versus chicago on monday night. he was on the field today wearing a "don't touch me" jersey. he passed all his concussion tests. and he says i'm feeling pretty good. >> just going along in the process right now. nothing has been decided. this is a long process. doing what they tell me, and moving along. contact obviously i think is the final straw. but yeah, i was able to go out there today and had the black jersey on me which was a little redundant. but i felt good out there. >> and the 49ers are off sunday because the game is on monday. an extra day for smith to get ready. >>> san jose, sports hall of fame, welcomed in four new members. brandy chastain, steve barcowski areas, and roger -- and willy t. ribs. he broke the indianapolis 500 color barrier in 1991. he's always ready to go. we asked is there a comeback in him? >> no, gary. i'm not llcool-j. [ laughter ]
. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger. >> leaders in washington tried to figure out what they knew and who knew and when they knew. there trying to figure out what comes next. the generals of there was apparently with a woman paula bridewell a married mother of two who was in charge of writing his of this biography. she sent in else to another woman close to patras. they said they should have known about the probe before now and she plans to launch an investigation into the fbi. >> this is something that could have had an effect on national security. we should have been told. >> a spokesperson for house majority leader says that after kantor talked to the fbi last month about the general's affair. >> senators from new york and south carolina are set to officially restart the talks. they have a plan that will appeal to all sides of the issues and they believe they will be able to get this passed. the bipartisan plan has four key elements including stronger border security a tough love pass the citizenship for people already here and they're require
's and sickened hundreds. this is going on in washington d.c., let's take a look live as we talk about what they're dealing with here. the pharmacy in massachusetts was the source of the injections the connected to the deadly outbreak that is central in this hearing as well as lawmakers. they try to figure out who knew what and when so the owner of the pharmaceutical company is there the fda commissioner and the massachusetts state board officials. they will all testified tried again to the bottom of the outbreak. >> we will come back as the kron4 news continues with weather and traffic hot spots and the world according to gary. eastbound 80 attacking veiled don't forget we have at heavenly and north star opening today. >> and early morning accident jammed up the ride from concord pleasant hill and martinez into walnut creek on 680 southbound. it is now starting to affect the highway westbound on highway 4. yassin is long gone but the 34 minutes drive time remains. it should be a 19 minute trip heading south just from to 42 down to walnut creek. the heavy traffic still flows through and into the
washington carver elementary school was at about one in the morning. never before it youths to see if they saw anything more heard anything. >> we are struggling with issues that is pretty sad how could they do that. >> they have taken away the education from the children they really need these computers. >> police estimate more than $40,000 and equipment was stolen. school officials said they will try to figure out to replace that after the thanksgiving break. >> a jury hands down the death penalty to a man convicted of killing two people at a san raphael richmond toll plaza. jurors deliberated for two days to determine that 49 year old nathan burris should be put to bed. >> is the video the same birds a tense two shooting and killing a toll collector of their ross and her friend ersie everett the third, at the bridge toll plaza in 2009. prosecutors say birds thought ross and everett, a bus driver with goading a transit were romantically involved. burris had previously been in a relationship with ross. birds represent himself during the trial and told jurors that the slaves were j
skype and stuff like that, but to see it in person is just amazing. >> reporter: in washington, stacy kohan, kron 4 news. >>> jim harbaugh can be thankful he has two capable starting quarterbacks. there's news involving alex smith's concussion status and who will start this sunday against the giants. will it be smith or colin capernick? that will be after the break. ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. >> alex smith, colin kaepernick, a quarterback controversy especially now that alex smith is healthy again, or appears to be. grant lotus on the 9ers drama and you said a few minutes ago, the 49ers are happy to have very good players at the q- backs. >> they wish they were in this position. you had a decision to make and it certainly looks like at this point the young guy, colin kaepernick is going to get the starting nod against the saints in new orleans. according to sports illustrated, coach reportedly told both playe
of the moment american families >> people want to know if washington is any closer to avoid the dreaded fiscal cliff. we'll have the latest on progress after the break. >> 36 days and counting until the fiscal cliff and washington lawmakers are heading back to work after thanksgiving break. there are hints of compromise in the air. most americans understand the fiscal cliff is scary and a series of looming tax hikes and spending cuts that could damage the economy. president obama has been pressuring republicans to reach a compromise that increases taxes on wealthy americans. a handful of republicans are suggesting they might break their pledge to never go for higher taxes. >> i will violate the pledge, long story short for the good of the country. >> the world has changed. >> it is music to years of the white house and very disturbing to this man. he is an anti-tax person and who got the republicans to sign a note signed the no tax increase agreement in the first place. >> if you go to voters and say i made this promise and now i'm breaking his promise you should know that and say to them. >>
is pressing top intelligence they want answers. >> washington lawmakers spent thursday pressing for answers on how u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed during the september of attack on the consulate in benghazi. capitol hill became home to multiple hearings on the tense investigation including fundings for security at the consulate. been i have listened to my colleagues talk about the president of the united states and others in the administration, using terms as " deliberate lies ". if you want to know who is responsible in this town by yourself a mirror. >> among those testifying, active cia director, michael morell who was tapped to lead the agency after david petraeus resigned last week admitted to an extramarital affair. the x cia director, will also speak to both the house and senate intelligence committees on friday morning. >> more recently, the resignation of general petraeus has opened up even more questions such as what is contained in a report he prepared following his visit to benghazi. another sidebar, the contentious battle brewing involving to
tedford....and chris harper. the a. are. tied at 7-7. right now, washington is leading 14-13. and you are going to see something good for come up. that is why they are all up. hauling it in for the score there are still a couple of minutes left. they are up to eight woeful 6 if they can pull it out? perhaps tedford could still keep his job. however an interesting story. also, bad news for the warriors already as brandon rush left the game what appeared to be a pretty ugly kneecap perjury.the opening-injury--on e kneecap. however, on halloween that the first night was pretty decent by the second hour of was sitting in the chair sink eakins is right over there. and also i wanted to know is going on in the workers and i was able to carry on a nice discussion the next day. i was able to watch the -- warriors. >> de give out entire candy bars? >> absolutely. and we just have them take huge grab bags. >> and if somebody does not recognize the a small candy bar and if somebody says that you are the 1 on channel 19. yes! [laughter] >> i cannot believe that. >> the raiders vs. tampa bay will
are celebrated in washington, d.c. you can find out more by following the link on our website. but truly, every kid who develops more s.t.e.m. skills has reason to be proud. >> i kind of was into science. i didn't like math as much. but now i see that it's actually really interesting. >> it doesn't even feel like a working class. it's more about having fun, and trying your best, and it's a good experience. >> and that's exactly the reason behind the s.t.e.m. video-game challenge. for "tkn," i'm diyu. >> hey, everyone, there's still time to enter toshiba's exploravision. it's a science competition that asks you to imagine new technology for the future. open to all students from kindergarten to 12th grade. projects are due by january 31st. just check out to get started. >> coming up, i'll take you to broadway for "peter and the starcatcher." um] um ♪[tum] ♪[tum] ♪[tum] ♪[tum] ♪[tum] ♪[tum] [phone ring,] car brakes hard [phone ring] [car crash] glass shatters [sirens] this video was submitted by a student through the safety scholars program. for more information on te
towards washington and oregon. as we get towards monday, to state it will get even further to the north. the result will be even further with readings of 70's for the south bay to warmest places will be south san jose and possibly low 80s tomorrow. look for upper 70's and nearly 80 degrees and concord, pittsburgh. fairfield, and even 70's. the bay. hayward, mid-70s close to 80 degrees for walnut creek. your kron 4 7 day around the bay monday, to stay a lot of sunshine and warmth with upper 70's. low 80s inland and it does eventually turn cooler and is going to be a sharp noticeable change. wednesday, and a storm change coming in from the alaskan and system. clouds, rainfall with just slight. kerstin night towards friday. as a reminder, go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates and on digital 4.2. >> we are learning more of the attacks of the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya that left four americans dead. there was a 25 minute gap between the call for help between the consulate and one the officers arrived. officials say the 25 minutes were spen
weekend opening. denzel washington's movie flight came in with $27 million. then affleck directed and starred in argo and it made $10 million. >> a quick break but still lost to talk about when we come back. will mainly be talking about the weather and the election, as the clock is ticking. lots to follow and the final hours. a live look at our roof cam where we have clear skies. >> speaking of the clock ticking you should feel in our better today. >> if you forgot you need to reset your clock. sleep train has your ticket to tempur-pedic. experience the pressure-relieving comfort of tempur-pedic, and sleep risk-free with sleep train's 100-day money back guarantee. get 36 months interest-free financing: no down, and no interest for 3 years. plus, get free same-day delivery. sleep train's 100-day money back guarantee, interest-free financing, and free delivery? that's the ticket! sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic is on now. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ m. of a quick look at to 70 around the bay forecast. unseasonably warm today, the possibly recor
and washington state will decide whether not to legalize same-sex marriage. if it passes in any of these three states if this will be the first time same sex messamarriage has been legalized. it has been legalized in six states so far. >> six states have measures on their ballots about marijuana. voters in three states r having to decide whether not to legalize pot. that will allow adults to have a small amount and this will be subject to state regulation and taxes. if this passes a legal battle with the government is likely. >> kron4 will have extended coverage tonight for the election and will start at 8:00 p.m.. we will give you the results as they come men and will update you on our web site. we also will have the information on our face web site. we also will have the information on our face book and twitter page. sleep train has your ticket to tempur-pedic. web site. we also will have experience then on our face pressure-relieving comfort of tempur-pedic, and sleep risk-free with sleep train's 100-day money back guarantee. get 36 months interest-free financing: no down, and no interest f
are on edge that fears have gridlock in washington will force the economy of the fiscal cliff. those overshadowed some positive reports on the weekly initial jobless numbers and the monthly trade balance. store sales for the first time in nearly a decade. mcdonald's showing that sales dropped that has not happened since 2003. u.s. locations were hurt by a modest consumer demand and higher competition from the month of october. , africa and to the least. in also saw its decline in europe, south asia. and other locations internationally. pair of black friday will actually be if 8:00 p.m. thursday evening on wal- mart. new offers to be introduced at 10:00 p.m., with more discounts offered at 5:00 a.m. for the early risers. and wal-mart plans a separate sale online. president obama will address the nation tomorrow is urging lawmakers to head off the drastic budget cuts. huge tax hikes that will go into effect january 1st. catherine heenan will explain why this is the pouring of a new crisis. >> the fiscal cliff. >> the fiscal cliff. >> the physical plant. >> the looming fiscal cliff. , c
the next round of bailout money. we're also watching what is happening in washington with president obama barre redirected.being redirected. >>the s&p is showing that there is a 15 percent chance of that will pull it off. apple's stock continues to this drop. and this is a 24% drop for apple and this is a big drag for the nasdaq. we're also watching price line and cognac with public and stated that they are down. they're spending a $0.1 million by kayak and this is a search engine. the dial is down by 70 points. >>401k balances are hitting record high as employees are starting to catch a way. it the average 401k balance climb to $75,000 by the end of the third quarter. if this is according to fidelity investments. this is the highest level that they have seen. the increase is a combination of days of the stock market and increase in employee contributions and the employer's matching them. >>they will be considering new fees for super seniors and these are still is to have enough credits to graduate and they just continue to keep taking class's and they need to graduate. they're also consi
to people in need. with the election in the rearview mirror, the focus in washington is back on efforts to avoid the a economically devastating physical cliff. the amounts to seven trillion dollars in spending cuts and tax increases over the next decade. this is part of the last year's plan has not materialized. the largest chunk are the bush tax cuts. families making $250,000 or more must and. the we are a serious about ending the deficit we have to combine spending cuts with revenue and asking the wealthiest americans to pay a lot of the more in taxes. and congress also is to figure out how to reduce spending on entitlements like security social security and medicare. the democrats sacred cows with the balance of power unchanged on capitol hill, finding that elusive common ground on these issues could be a tough, short-term deal that postpones the cliff appears to be the most likely scenario. >> as we go towards tomorrow look for mostly clear skies for this evening already some places in the 30's. for tonight and we will see some of those readings in the north bay with upper 20s. clea
this is resolved. >> leaders in washington tried to figure out who did what and when regarding david patras is certain departure from the cia. they are also trying to determine what happens next. paul brown well is a married mother of two and they say that the cia was investigator for sending harassing letters to a woman who is close to patras. they said they should not about the probe now and she plans to investigate the fbi. >> this is something that could have had an effect on national security. i think we should have been told. >> a spokesperson for the house majority leader erich kantor says that kantor talked to the fbi last month about the generals a fair. >> more than 100,000 people in the year in new jersey are still waking up up without power this morning. more than two weeks after super storm san be ripped through the east coast. they aren't coping with freezing temperatures of their way for the power to come back on. more than 8 million people lost power when sandy first struck followed by the northeastern that they got after that. >> the victims of the nor'easter and 70 are now
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